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Innately Resourceful

Putting Transformation in YOUR hands!

What to Expect

"Once we make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
It's important to me that our work together produces the best results possible for you.  The following considerations will help you to be prepared, and get the most out of your coaching sessions:

By Phone/Internet

1.  It is recommended that you schedule a Complimentary Initial Consultation by going to the Contact Page to initiate scheduling.  The Complimentary Consultation will allow you the opportunity to ask questions.  It'll also allows us the opportunity to determined if this is the best fit for you, and how you can be best served.

2.  Your experience is unique to you.  Your personal history, patterns, challenges, and intent/goal are the compass that directs the sessions.  To do this, you will be asked to fill out forms, so that together, we can create the most effective experience for you. 

3.  Be sure to read the Terms of Service.

4.  A stereo (both ears) hands free device for your phone/computer is required for all sessions, whether they are done by phone or computer.  It's important that you be free of your phone/computer when doing energy work techniques, and that you get the most from any inner work provided.  This way you can fully participate and relax.  If you're not sure what to use, please contact me and I'll give you some inexpensive suggestions.

5.  Working by phone provides wonderful flexibility and mobility.  However, it is vital to the process that you create a space that will be undisturbed during our calls.  Therefore, public spaces are not ideal, and often very disruptive.  This includes removing any pets from the room you are in.  It can be very jolting if you are in a deeply relaxed state during a call, and then the dog barks, or the cat jumps on you.   This then becomes counter productive and you won't get the most out of the calls. 

Please note:  If there are background sounds that I feel will disrupt your experience, I may not provide inner work techniques during the session.  An alternative may be recommended.  However, please take into consideration that working "live" is very different than listening to a prerecorded guided imagery.

6.  Please be available on time for your appointment so you can get the most out of the time that is reserved specifically for you.  I will contact you at the appointed time.

7.  All sessions are an hour.  It is highly recommended, however, that you create an additional 30 minute space to reflect upon the session, or for doing additional suggested actions.

8.  Your progress and ultimate success is important. Therefore, you may be asked to communicate, in between sessions, how you are doing.  Additionally, you can email Judy with any questions you may have.

9.  If your session includes guided imagery, please consider the following:

  • Please have a glass of water with you, as you'll be asked to drink water after the session to further help bring your energy and awareness back to your body.
  • Please refrain from drinking coffee, or any other stimulant, at least 4 hours before the call.  Reaching deeper levels of consciousness is vital to utilizing the benefits of inner work.  Therefore, if your call is scheduled for the a.m. hours, consider drinking a caffeine free herbal tea instead.  After the call, you can enjoy your coffee.

10.  When doing energy work, it is recommended that you have plenty of space around you to move, as energy work techniques can be active.

11.  If your call is close to your meal time, please consider eating a light snack, or waiting until after the call to have your meal.  Often, when our bellies are full, we tend to have less energy and less focus.

12.  Be willing to devote at least 30 minutes each day to YOU.  This may include doing a guided imagery recording, energy work, or other suggested homework, to further help you accomplish your intent/goal.  You may find it helpful to keep track of the suggested homework and your progress in a notebook, so we can address any challenges that presented themselves, and celebrate your successes.

13.  Choosing to work with a spiritual energy coach indicates that you have made a decision to invest in yourself.  Choose also to honor that investment and yourself by creating the space and time of your undivided attention during each call and being punctual.  You are worth it!

14.  And finally, trust.  I work by a simple premise; that we do have the answers, or can receive the answers, if we are willing to trust the intelligence that is innately within us and all around us.