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Spiritual Coaching Package

The Spiritual Coaching package takes a person onto a very diverse, dynamic, and intuitive journey of discovery.  It is truly a mind, body, spirit journey, that engages all of you.

What makes this package unique from the other coaching packages is that we will delve deeper into the unseen and the inherent interconnectedness of the world around us.

It's a no holds barred, so to speak, journey of discovery, while learning even more advanced techniques that can facilitate spirit release, soul retrieval, and so much more.  This is for the person who is truly serious and sincere about learning, discovering, and evolving, while working towards wholeness.

What could you accomplish with this package?

Honestly, there's no limit to what you could potentially accomplish, if you are ready to do so.

What will you discover?

Discover how YOU manifest

All the basics of energy, mind, body, and spirit -- then move into the advanced.

The myriad of lifeforms that share this world with us, that we typically don't see.

Time spirals and streams of consciousness in your evolution as a soul.

The importance of how you choose to live your life (your lifestyle)

Increase your awareness (your innate intuitive knowing).

Advanced spirit release techniques.

Facilitate your own soul retrieval and begin working towards wholeness.

The force of your spirit and your will.

The vastness of your consciousness and spirit.

How to facilitate transformation through dream work.

Re-connect and Re-establish a deeper trusting relationship with your spirit.

For women, discover the feminine force and feminine principle in creation.

And soooooo much more.


Your Commitment...

The Spiritual Coaching Package is a 5 month commitment, as you learn, discover, and develop your discernment, intuition, and more, that requires application of a multitude of techniques and experience, so you can begin to create your personal reference library and more.

Please be sure to read the What to Expect Page along with the Terms of Service.


Ready to begin your Spiritual journey?

Please visit the contact page to request a free phone consultation, and together we’ll determine if this is the best fit for you, while providing you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and schedule your session.

Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service before engaging in any of our services.

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"To understand Karma, you must realize that thoughts are things.  The very universe, in the final analysis, is composed not of matter but of consciousness.  Matter responds far more than most people realize to the power of thought.  For will power directs energy, and energy in turn acts upon matter.  Matter indeed is energy. 
The stronger the will, the greater the force of energy - and the greater, consequently, the energy's impact on material events.  A strong will, especially if combined with awareness of the cosmic energy, can effect miracles."

From:  The Essence of Self-Realization:  The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda, Compiled by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

What Client's Have Said..

"Judy provides in a safe, concise, and a deeply loving way of professional services that I have never experienced from anyone else before." - J.S. (NV)

"Judy is very knowledgeable and she creates a safe environment for a transforming experience to occur. She is clear,  precise, and supportive."- S.K. (AZ)