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Single E-Learning Classes

Please be sure to read the E-Learning page and the E-Learning Terms of Service before choosing any classes.

Please note:  All single classes allow you 3 days of access to the streaming videos and 3 download attempts of the bonus materials.  Single classes are available to access immediately after payment is made.

Introduction to Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing Class

1 hr. 45 mins.
3 Bonus PDF Downloads!

"I've done a lot of online trainings, and this is one of the best I've encountered." - E. G. (CT)

You’ll not only have the opportunity to discover what energy healing is, but you’ll be taken step by step through several exercises, so you can experience energy healing techniques for yourself.

It’s truly a transformative journey where you’ll experience how to transform your energy by aligning it, clearing it, and then boosting it (raising your vibration).  AND, you’ll be able to do these techniques on your own after the class to continue to benefit.


Cutting Energetic Cords Class

1 hour 45 minutes

Guided Meditation MP3 Download
And a Bonus PDF file you can keep!

"The cutting cords class was great! It was put together comprehensively. There was so much information that was given that is so vital for anyone who is new or seasoned to this knowledge. I found myself taking notes for later reference.  And the guided imagery - Wow! When I cut the cord I could feel this tension and a release on my stomach area, and I could feel the difference in my energy immediately it felt cleaner.  I will be doing this again. You have got to make this into a MP3 for people to purchase!" (We did, and it's included!) - A.V. (AZ)

In this class, you'll discover...

•What is an energetic cord?
•How are they made?
•Healthy vs. Unhealthy connections
•What can a person experience when they have an energetic cord connected to them?
•Karmic Cording
•What are the benefits of removing them?
•Guided inner journey
•Observing any changes

The included guided imagery will allow you to address potential energy drains and more. 


Agreements Class

1 hour 4 minutes

"I would like to thank you for providing such a comprehensive, informative and experiential Agreements class.  I learned so much.  WOW, great class!  Thank you again!" - J. S. (NV)

And a Bonus PDF file you can keep!

Whenever I discuss the potential of agreements with clients and begin giving them ways to test my theories, it quickly becomes their go to technique for transforming their energy.  Simply put, because it’s simple, it’s quick, and it produces instant results.  And so, I decided it was time that I present the information in a comprehensive manner by telling my story first, so you can move through my journey of discovery with agreements and their extensiveness.  Then I’ll cover what an agreement is and how we make them, including all the different situations in life where we may have made agreements, including those who work with clients.  You’ll then be guided, step by step, through 9 basic scripts for breaking agreements, so you can experience this possibility for yourself. 

I'll walk you through each script, so you can do this along with me and experience for yourself the transformative possibilities, leaving you feeling renewed, having increased inner silence, physical discomforts simply stop, feeling more relaxed, and feeling more like YOU.


Spirit Rescue & Releasement Class

1 hour 45 minutes
And a Bonus PDF file you can keep!

In this introductory class, you'll discover...

•Historical Overview
•How/why do spirits attach?
•What are the possible signs of an attachment?
•What situations increase the probability of an attachment?
•What do we do when we suspect an attachment?
•The steps of releasing and rescuing a spirit.
•Rescue exercise.
•Recognizing a Releasement has Occurred.
•Ways to increase your immunity to spirit attachments.
•Recommended Reading

It takes you on a journey of what can be a very loving service in helping those who have deceased and passed to move on in their journey and more, while releasing you, or your home, of the energetic implications of their presence.


The Grace in Forgiveness Class

45 Minutes

Forgiveness: A Guided Healing Journey MP3 Album
And a Bonus PDF file you can keep!

"This was a great class. I left the class filled with love, not only for the person I forgave, but for myself." S. M. (AZ)

In this introductory class, you'll have an opportunity to...
Begin your healing journey through forgiveness,
where you'll discover:

•The importance of changing our perception about our experiences, and why this helps
•Considerations when you practice forgiveness
•Forgiveness guided mediation
•How do you know you’ve really forgiven?
•Suggested reading


Spirit Lake - An Inner Journey Class

"I was first introduced to this only as the guided imagery and that on its own is AMAZING! I continue to experience wonderful and transformational results from performing this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating meditation clearing technique. Along with the webinar that I experienced later, the details and instruction go further into recognizing just HOW this symbolism of our inner observer communicates. This is a must to start with! Highly recommended." - J.S. (NV)

1 hour 30 minutes

Spirit Lake- An Inner Journey Guided Meditation MP3 Album
And a Bonus PDF file you can keep

In this introduction to a transformative technique, you'll discover...

•The origins of knowledge of the Spirit Lake
•What Spirit Lake work is.
•Spirit Lake and the Spirit Twin.
•Bringing the knowledge into the 21st century and the mind/body connection.
•How information may present itself in the Spirit Lake:  the language of metaphor and symbolism.
•How to work within this inner space to release and transform from the inside out.
•We’ll end with a guided meditation to guide you through this inner journey, so you can release, transform, or resolve challenges from the inside out.

As a mind, body, spirit technique, the guided imagery in the webinar allows you to move deeper within to more intuitively receive insights into your health, your life, and more, while facilitating transformation at deeper levels.

You’re encouraged to fully participate in the guided imagery, so you can immediately begin facilitating transformation on your own.


The Different Ways We Experience Energy - With Special Focus on Our Own Energy

45 Minutes

Bonus PDF file download

"This class was amazing!" - S.M. (AZ)

In this class you'll discover...

The 3 Ways We Experience Energy and what they feel like.
What can we do to transform each of these.
Focus on YOUR Energy - energy flow, body awareness, and recordings.
How can you tell the difference between the 3?
And 3 simple techniques you can utilize immediately in your own life to affect positive change that helps you feel more calm, present, and more like you.


Reclaiming You (a.k.a. Soul Retrieval)

1 Hour 4 Minutes

This streaming class focuses on teaching you a self help technique that is used to reclaim you.  Although, more popularly, this is called soul retrieval.

This comes from a tradition of knowledge from the Dream Healers, also called Chiltans.  We'll walk you through the knowledge, how to recognize when you are in the midst of accessing a part of you in a moment when you lost energy (some might prefer the word soul), and how to reclaim it.  We'll also cover how to recognize when you've truly reclaimed that part of you.


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The E-Learning Classes are a good fit for you if:

  • You are self-directed.  We give you sooo many techniques, but like anything else, it's only useful if you use it.  So, you have to consistently apply them in your own life.  Because, the only way to really learn, is through repetition and the subsequent experiences.
  • You're receptive to learning something new.  There are so many energy healing and self help modalities out there today that are great, but we have to be receptive to learning something new, or discovering that something may not be what we considered it was.
  • You can sincerely and humbly do the exercises.  I have been telling my students and clients for over a decade that sincerity and humility can move mountains.   We have to be willing to let go of the need to control, and allow the greater part of us to guide our experiences.  That's when real transformation happens.

More Participant Comments...

This class (cutting energetic cords) is sincerely informative and shines a light on a topic that occurs so often while offering solutions to help you become more aware when it comes to energy. - J.S. (NV)

"The guided imagery classes are AMAZING! The Spirit Lake guided journey really helped me to heal space that needed to be addressed. This CD/MP3 is very well done and is an excellent tool that will produce results." – Angela (AZ)

"This class (The Different Ways We Experience Energy) helped me to feel a noticable change when doing each of the excercises. I felt less foggy in my brain and my eyesight improved! Amazing! One technique has now become daily. Very well done presentation and informative." - J. S. (NV)

"The Different Ways We Experience Energy class was excellent.  I have started utilizing the techniques regularly with instant results. The most significant impact has been the increase in my energy and the decrease in internal dialogue." - R.W. (NV)

"I did the agreements class and loved it. It's very helpful being able to listen to the conversation and hear the feedback, questions, and answers from the people in the class because it gave me a better understanding of the techniques and uses covered than the PDF alone would have. Breaking agreements is simple and not very time consuming but the effects are great. I would recommend this technique and class to anyone!" - S. H. (NV)

"I loved this class (Cutting Energetic Cords).  After the guided meditation I felt a peacefulness that I didn't realize I was missing. A truly beautiful experience." - S. M. (AZ)