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All services are provided by phone/internet (if outside the U.S.).  A hands free "stereo," both ears, headset is required.  Please be sure to read the Terms of Service before engaging any of our services.

All new clients who choose a coaching package (not a single session) will be asked to complete a Client Intake Form.


Energy Cleanse Session...

This single coaching session provides you with knowledge and tools to address your specific needs.  You'll leave the session feeling renewed, refreshed, more relaxed, and more.



Spiritual Coaching...

This is a no holds barred, so to speak, spiritual journey of discovery, while learning even more advanced techniques that can facilitate spirit release, soul retrieval, and so much more.  This is for the person who is truly serious and sincere about learning, discovering, and evolving.



For the Empath, Psychic, or Sensitive Person...

As a energetically and/or psychically sensitive person, your needs are unique.  Life can be challenging if you don't learn how to effectively manage your energy.  This coaching package takes you on a journey of deeper discovery and lots of techniques -- some that can produce results instantly.



For the Holistic Practitioner...

Discover all the dynamics involved with working with others and how to minimize or eliminate any draining, influence, stress, and more.



For the Self Directed...

Purchase one of our courses and learn tranformative knowledge and techniques, at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.


Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service before engaging in any of our services.


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What Client's Have Said..

"Be prepared to do the work. This type of coaching is not for someone who expects someone outside themselves to fix them. Judy facilitates and guides a person through the healing process, but the healing itself comes from within.  Don't expect miracles if you don't do the work!" - M.S. (CA)

"Judy is highly trained and experienced in energy medicine, the energy of the human body, the mind, and the science that supports it all.  Making her unique, is her method with humor, kindness, peace, and her stories - that all combine in a way that produces the most out of this knowledge." - J.S. (NV)

"This experience gives you tools to help the inner you. The coaching directs you to help yourself. The idea of doing this over the phone sounded strange but I believe it was the perfect medium. I was comfortable and secure and I didn't have to drive somewhere and sit and wait. I am totally satisfied with this experience. I believe it will have a positive impact on the rest of my life." - M.A. (CA)

"Judy is very knowledgeable and she creates a safe environment for a transforming experience to occur. She is clear,  precise, and supportive."- S.K. (AZ)