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Intuitive Coaching...

All services are provided by phone/Internet (if outside the U.S.).  A stereo (both ears) hands free device for your phone/computer is required.

Please note:  All new clients will be asked to complete a Client Intake form.  Also, please be sure to read the Terms of Service and the What to Expect page before requesting a consultation. Thank you!

"The unseen forces are greater than the seen."  - Edgar Cayce


Intuitive - Dynamic - In the Moment...

Intuitive Coaching is very dynamic and in the moment, and brings the knowledge of energy, in all it's dynamics (mind, body, spirit, and the nature of reality), into practice, in a practical way.  It helps you to discover your own innate resources, and how to engage them, so you can accomplish your intent/goal naturally.


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Increase in Your Awareness, and Feel Empowered...

What I'm about to say will probably cause a collective gasp from all the business coaches out there, but alas, it is what it is.  Intuitive coaching can help with almost any challenge, so there's really no particular niche here.  The reason for this is because it's about teaching you how to access, engage, and enhance what you already have, and have always had.  Clients have requested services to address health issues, energy level issues, physical discomforts, stress, personal development, and more.

Because EVERYTHING is energy, truly discovering how this applies to you (your body, your mind, and your spirit) and how your life has unfolded, while you've been navigating with an estimated 95% lack of conscious awareness, in itself, can make a huge difference in a person's life.  After all, if 95% of our functioning is unconscious, and we can only witness through our 5 classical senses about 1% of what exists around us all the time..........that makes for a very tiny window of what we're coherently aware of at any given moment.

That's why intuitive coaching focuses on YOU.  Helping you to re-discover all the amazing resources you already have, how to work with them to accomplish your intent/goal, and feel empowered because you have the tools to apply whenever you feel to, for the rest of your life.

Monthly Intuitive Coaching...

It's important to me you discover some amazing techniques that will empower you to create change as self-care, when it comes to your energy and how you feel.  It's also important to me that our work together finds common ground in knowledge and awareness, as this will create the most dynamic and synergistic experience during our coaching sessions.    To better facilitate this, I require all potential new clients to first complete the Energetic Cleansing Class on their own through the E-Learning Store.  Once you have completed the course, and you are still interested in discovering more, including how to specifically apply all you've learned to your unique personal history and goal, you can then request a complimentary consultation.  

Monthly coaching is a 3 month commitment where we work once a week, 4 calls per month, for an hour.

Mentoring for the Holistic Practitioner...

For holistic practitioners, I also require completion of the Energetic Cleansing Class before moving into monthly coaching.  As a practitioner, you'll find that the energetic cleansing class provides you with so much, you'll be able to immediately begin supporting you.

Mentoring for holistic practitioner is for those who find themselves drained after working with others, feeling out of sorts, or begin to experience their health being compromised.  Together we'll work to discover how and why your energy is being compromised, teach you how to energetically take care of YOU more effectively, and help you bring your life back into balance, so you can do the work you were meant to.

This is a 3 month commitment where we work together once a week 4x/month, for an hour.

Creating change doesn't have to be difficult.......but you do have to take the first step...

There's no better time than the present to move forward, discover possibilities, and create the changes you intend.  Please visit the E-Learning Bundles & Series Page and take the Energetic Cleansing Class.  Then, if you're ready to learn and apply even more, while accomplishing your goal/intent, visit the Contact Page to schedule a Complimentary Consultation.