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I’m really glad you’ve found your way here, because chances are, it’s not a coincidence.  You’ve probably been searching for answers and hoping to find someone who can coach you in a way that will help you to naturally create the life you envision.  Although, with many of my clients, they couldn’t even envision what they accomplished, because they didn’t know it was possible.  When we function within mainstream beliefs and conditioning, more often than not, we tend to struggle.  More importantly, we’re not guided step by step on how to create the changes we intend by naturally engaging our innate resources.

In an age of information overload, many come to realize that it’s much more helpful to work with someone who can help them to navigate through it all in a way that is specific to their personal journey.  Someone who can give them many tools along the way, so they can feel empowered and recognize that they already innately have many amazing resources they can tap into.

So, if you're looking for someone who can help you accomplish your intent/goal naturally, while teaching you how to engage your innate resources and discover possibilities, then this is for you.

About My Work...

I’ve been intuitive all my life, aware of subtleties that those around me often were not aware of.  Along the way, I discovered that we are all intuitive, we just don’t often consciously recognize how, or what to do with what we're aware of.  Like you, I was also searching for answers.

As an Intuitive Coach, I utilize my life experiences, along with 17 years of training in a multitude of holistic modalities.  I may utilize energy healing methodologies, spiritual coaching, hypnotherapy, and coaching techniques during a coaching session, that focuses on empowering YOU.  I work very intuitively during each session, and offer single coaching sessions, monthly intuitive coaching, and mentoring for holistic practitioners.


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What Client's Have Said..

"Judy addresses your intent and needs in a very intuitive way. Her feeling is so accurate, and in the moment actions are done to address energetically what is occurring. In the non judgemental way that Judy works, she simply allows space to see what unfolds. It is the results that are important to me, and I ALWAYS experience amazing results." - J.S. (NV)