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For the Holistic Practitioner - Coaching Package

This coaching package is intended to educate the holistic practitioner in all the subtle dynamics of working with others, as well as the importance of maintaining the balance of self-care and self-evolvement while working with others. 

As with all of the services, the holistic practitioner is given immediate tools and techniques to empower themselves so they can increase their energy, be centered and balanced, reduce or stop the subtle influences that can occur from working with others, and so much more.

It’s your opportunity to empower yourself and discover tools that will help you for the rest of your life, whether it’s at the office (real or virtual), or in your personal life.


Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service before engaging in any of our services.

All services are provided by phone/internet (if outside the U.S.) and requires a stereo (both ears) headset for your phone/computer.

Who is this Ideal for?

The holistic practitioner who………

Finds they feel drained, lethargic, and/or mentally foggy after working with clients.

Finds their stress levels have increased.

Finds their health may be getting compromised due to the work they do.

Finds their motivation levels when it comes to their person life, have significantly been impacted since working with others.

Finds their life out of balance.  You take care of others but are not taking care of you.

Finds themselves beginning to have uncharacteristic experiences after working with clients.

Feels they want to have empowering tools and techniques that help support them, so they can continue to do the work they love.

And more….


What Could YOU Accomplish?

Clients have reported…….

Increased energy levels

Often instant changes in how they feel after working with others, e.g. energized, mentally clear, etc.

Their stress levels decrease, often in ways they didn’t even realize consciously.

Their awareness of how their energy gets compromised increases.

Their quality of their sleep improves.

Their internal noise decreases or stops entirely, so they experience a deeper sense of peace and balance.

They start having the energy to take better care of themselves.

Feel more centered in their heart.

They continue to do what they love without it compromising their energy and life.

And more.


What we consciously recognize is just the surface of the energetic dynamics involved when working with others. 


What Client's Have Said..

"I feel wonderful today! I did some clearing and energy reclaiming and I realize what a difference it makes.  I saw one of my hospice patients today and I did the quick body decontamination before and after I saw her. My energy feels great. I did not feel drained at all. This really works!" - M.S. (CA)


Your Commitment...

The minimum commitment is 3 months of coaching, where we do one coaching session per week for an hour – for 12 coaching sessions. 


You’ve invested time, money, and energy, to be trained and experienced in what you do to help others.  Isn’t it time that you invest in knowledge and techniques that help support you?

Please visit the contact page to request a free phone consultation, and together we’ll determine if this is the best fit for you, while providing you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Not a holistic practitioner, but work with people, and the above sounds a little too familiar?  Then this can help you too.