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For the Empath, Psychic, or Sensitive Person Coaching Package

As an empath (psychic, sensitive), you have a unique set of challenges, and learning how to manage your energy and lifestyle to better meet those challenges can be the difference between surviving vs. thriving.

As a highly sensitive person myself, I've spent the majority of my life working to understand all the dynamics of those sensitivities, and what helps to better manage my energy or compromises it.  Along the way, through lots of training, observation, and testing, I learned and created many techniques that have not only helped me, but my clients as well.

As an empath and/or highly sensitive person, it’s not something you can easily turn off.  You are what you are.  Therefore, once you recognize this, the next step is learning to have a more discerned awareness, while having effective ways to transform your experiences.

What’s become increasingly interesting to me is that pretty much every person I have worked with is sensitive to some degree.  Yet, they often are not connecting the dots between what they were experiencing and the possibility that it wasn’t them at all.


Disclaimer & Terms of Service

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All services are provided by phone/internet (if outside the U.S.).  A hands free "stereo," both ears, headset is required.


Empaths, psychic, or sensitive people, may experience some of the following....

  • Experiencing the emotions of others.
  • Experiencing the physical discomforts of others.
  • Experiencing abrupt changes in their energy levels.
  • Experiencing anxiety in large crowds of people or certain locations.
  • Have a lower tolerance for stimulation, like loud sounds, noisy locations where there’s lots of people and/or activity, melodrama, etc.
  • Experience sensitivity to electro-magnetic frequencies:  like WiFi, computers, cellphones, etc.
  • May outwardly act in ways that those around them don’t understand, because they’re acting from what they’re feeling and not from outward appearances.
  • Some may also be sensitive to the energies and spirits in the unseen.
  • May have difficulty truly relaxing.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Uncharacteristic thoughts, emotions, feelings, or dreams.
  • Absolutely need to have their alone time/space regularly.
  • And more….

What’s important for the sensitive person to recognize is that their sensitivities are not a curse, but a gift.  It allows them to have a much deeper compassion for others.  They often respond and interact in ways that have deeper meaning, and so much more.

For the sensitive, as it was for me, learning to reduce, stop, or transform uncomfortable experiences makes all the difference in the world, and can noticeably improve their quality of life.  This is where Coaching can really make a difference in a sensitive person's  life, so they can begin to take the control back.


This Coaching Package Includes...

  • Helping you to first get better acquainted with YOU, at all levels.  To have a better understanding of your sensitivities, you have to first recognize how you manifest.  What is you, what isn't.
  • Learn to manage your energy and your lifestyle choices.  They are also key to how much you experience and the degree you experience it.
  • Discover the 3 ways an empath experiences the world around and within them.
  • Discover when your bodies (yes, plural) have moved into a responsive decontamination.  That's a good thing!
  • Discover and recognize the importance of the force of your WILL.
  • Discover the dynamics of unseen communication, and why this is important.
  • Discover the ways you may be compromising your energy and you.
  • Establish, or re-establish, a deeper sense of self-acceptance.
  • Discover the avenues of perception and action, that go beyond the 5 classical senses.
  • Discover psychic self-defense techniques
  • Discover pro-active techniques
  • Discover how to strengthen YOUR immunity (your natural magnetic defenses)
  • Create a life that works for YOU.
  • And more...


Ready to Discover a Greater Sense of Peace?

Begin by honoring who you are, and stop trying to fit in.  It's okay to be you.  And if you're ready to discover possibilities, then visit the Contact Page and schedule a Complimentary Consultation. 

Coaching the empath, psychic, or sensitive person is a minimum of a 3 month commitment, where we work once a week, for an hour by phone (internet, if outside the U.S.) for 12 coaching sessions.