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The Stories We Tell

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.” – From the book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach

When I teach Reiki I to the beginner, I do a simple exercise so that students can personally experience how our energy changes according to what we focus on.  I ask for a volunteer and then I ask the volunteer to tell us about something upsetting that happened recently.  As the student begins to tell their story of upset for a couple of minutes, I turn to the remaining students and ask them, “What are you aware of and feeling as you listen to her story?”  Some comment that they feel a disturbance in their own body, if they’re sensitive to energy.  While others comment that they could really feel a change in the air that didn’t feel good.

I then have the volunteer change her story.  I ask her to speak about something really wonderful that happened recently, something that left them feeling really good – happy, loving, joyful, whatever it was they felt.  Again, after a few minutes of her story, I then turn to the students and ask them the same question again, “What are you aware of feeling as you listen to her story?”  Here, the students are surprised.  They can feel the volunteer’s energy expand tremendously.  Those who are sensitive could feel the transformation as their body no longer experienced the disturbing energy of the previous story.  They’re body relaxes and feels much better.  Some comment that it’s like the room just lit up.

When I ask the volunteer what they were aware of, they begin to realize that they also felt different with each story.  The first left them feeling not good, while the second story left them feeling so much better.

Energetically speaking, many don’t realize that when they are revisiting uncomfortable experiences from the past while speaking with others, that their energy is contracting, literally being pulled in.  If a person is aware enough in the moment, they’ll experience a change in how they feel as they tell their story.  Those that listen to the story may notice a change as well.

On the flip side, our stories of good experiences cause our energy to literally expand out.  So the direction of our energy literally changes.  In turn, we emanate those wonderful energies out into the world that can literally uplift another person.

Now, let’s take this deeper.

The relatively new medical areas of research in psychoneuroimmunology and epigenics continues to support the mind-body connection.  Meaning, what we think and feel is reflected by our body – all the way to our DNA. The mind-body connection is becoming less and less theoretical. Yet, people often are still not truly recognizing the significance of this.

What these fields have come to recognize is that the more we tell the same story, the more reinforced the emotions and thoughts of that story become deeply recorded in our body and our brain.  Therefore, when we have an uncomfortable experience, and then tell another person about it, we relive and reinforce it within our brain and body.  The body then re-establishes energetically, physiologically, and biochemically, that moment.  What happens then when you tell another person that same story, then another, and another?  Basically, you continually make the past the present within your body.  And your body doesn’t question your thoughts or emotions.  Like the subconscious mind, it simply accepts everything as true and real.  In fact, Dr. Candice Pert, a researcher in psychoneuroimmunology, has often been quoted as have said, “The body is the subconscious mind.”  Energetically, however, the uncomfortable experiences that stimulated a response of anger, sadness, any negative thought or emotion, that are all a lower frequency of energy, cause the entire body to lower its frequency as well.  And if you’ve done any reading on energy healing methodologies, you’ve hopefully discovered that frequency (or the vibratory rate) of our body will either help it to heal or not.  The lower the frequency, the less likely the body can correct itself, since healing requires more energy and a higher frequency.

The same holds true for the more uplifting experiences we have.  This is why one of the most powerful practices we can have is to cultivate a feeling of gratitude.  When we’re focused on feeling gratitude for what we have, finding that silver lining in our life, we begin to elevate our frequency, that elevates every cell of the body, and expands our energy to more positively affect the environment.

I’m not saying to negate having had uncomfortable experiences, because it also wouldn’t serve us to deny our thoughts and feelings.  But, we do ourselves a disservice when we are constantly retelling that same ol’ story, and haven’t tried to transform it.  Instead, to work with someone who can help us to transform our perception of the experience, so it becomes an opportunity to not only discover something about ourselves, but to also heal it within ourselves. 

At the very least, I would encourage you to observe, how often are you telling others about your past experiences that upset you?  How often are you holding onto that particular experience in its retelling that your body is reflecting?  If you truly wish to bring healing to the past, then choose instead to heal you by attempting to see what it was really all about. 

My seasoned clients are aware that I always encourage them to look within themselves whenever they have an uncomfortable experience, and attempt to ask themselves what is this really about?  Why did I interpret the situation this way?  Why did I react that way?  Does this situation reflect something within myself that I haven’t resolved yet?  Do I need to forgive?  And more.

There’s a whole lot more to this particular topic, but I really felt to write about this to begin helping you to really observe your own patterns of the stories you tell, and consider what you’re doing to yourself.

If you’d like to read more about this topic, from the perspective of science and research, I highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book:

You Are the Placebo Making Your Mind Matter

Do you notice any changes in how you feel when telling your stories?  Share your experience and awareness in the comments section.

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