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A Fundamentally Inherent Truth

In the over 15 years that I’ve been helping people with their energy, I’ve consistently observed a fundamental truth that I was initially made aware of during my energy training and have found very interesting since.  But, before I go into what this fundamental truth is, know that I too demonstrated the same truth earlier in my training, and at times catch myself doing it still.  So, if you find this to ring any bells, know you are not alone in your experience.  This fundamental truth, like many things, has both a beneficial and not beneficial side to it, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It simply is.

What is this fundamental truth?  Simply put, we are extremely adaptive.  Unfortunately, however, our adaptive abilities often tend to lean towards the “not beneficial” side.  And a big part of this is our exceeding ability to be dismissive about things we are experiencing.  Let me give you an example that will hopefully make more sense.

 About 10 years or less, before I began my extensive training in a unique tradition of energy healing, I had injured my lower back due to heavy lifting.  My lower back had never fully healed, so it would sporadically flare up from time to time.  My answer to this was to go see a Chiropractor, that only left me feeling more pain and less range of motion due to that discomfort (please note that I am not saying Chiropractors are useless.  The one I happened to go to simply didn’t help.).  I then resorted to ibuprofen.  But, because I experienced no full relief or recovery, I simply accepted that this would flare up from time to time and I’d simply have to deal with it.  It became a normal part of my life.  Meaning, I “adapted” to the discomfort, and the adaptation was a dismissiveness of acknowledging that I needed to do something about it.  Grant it, at the time, I didn’t see another alternative.  So, I lived with the discomfort. Sound familiar?

When I began my training with a person who was highly sensitive, you might call him highly empathic or a seer, he immediately brought it to my attention.  I wasn’t aware that I was experiencing any discomfort at that moment, but it was apparently noticeable to a sensitive person who didn’t have this issue.  He then proceeded to teach me how to change the recording of the initiating incident and how to move the energy of my body.  Although in that moment that we did the exercises I was not aware of feeling any discomfort, I definitely felt a huge relief after the exercises.  So, although I adapted to that discomfort, it was apparently very much there, because I felt a noticeable relief afterwards.  Since then, that discomfort rarely returned, because the moment I’d feel anything, I’d do something about it and it would completely alleviate.  Like that experience, I’ve consistently encountered the same adaptation to discomfort in others, until I bring it to their attention and teach them how to transform it.

There is also an unconscious level of adaptation that we naturally do, and this is our innate ability to adapt to our environment.  Some might prefer to say that we “sympathetically begin to resonate” with our environment.  What this means, basically, is that the moment we enter into a new environment, let’s say a new job or house, our energy is initially not aligned with the new energy around us.  Over time, our energy will begin to resonate the same as our environment.  Metaphorically, think of it as a musical note.  Let's say you initially resonate at a C note, while your new environment is resonating at a D note.  Over time in that environment, your energy will change and you will begin to resonate at a D note.  This includes the people in our lives.  When we are in constant proximity to other people, the same person or people, the two or more energies begin to adapt to one another. 

It’s no wonder that Parmhansa Yogananda was quoted as having said, “Environment is stronger than will power,” and that environment is 95% of what can help or hinder our spiritual evolution.

What’s the flip side to our amazing adaptive abilities?  Being in the correct environment can uplift us and even promote our wellness (this includes the geographical location where we live).  Also, addressing our discomforts (physical, mental, and emotional) by learning how to address and transform them, so that instead we “adapt” to feeling good, so that feeling good and vital becomes the norm.



This is why I often encourage clients who live in very large cities, to take a weekend to get out of the city and closer to nature instead.  Once we get into a more natural environment, our body innately begins to feel more silent -- as if the big city was a cacophony of radio stations being played all around us, only to find that once in nature, all the radios have been turned off.  What I consistently hear is that they noticeably feel better and their body instantly feels more relaxed.  Some notice some very specific changes.  Then I encourage them to be very vigilant of any changes when they return to the city.  I do this more so for their own benefit of increasing their conscious awareness of energy.  In other words, helping them to be more consciously aware of in what way has their environment (in this case the large city they live in) been affecting them that they adapted to?  When we fully adapt, we simply no longer consciously notice it -- it’s like a continuous radio playing in the background.  Eventually, we tune it out, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still playing.

So, the inherent truth of our adaptability isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’s actually one of our innate resources that we can naturally take advantage of by being more consciously aware of how we feel, and not dismissing discomfort as “normal.”  While it also allows us to recognize what is benefitting us and increasing the duration of that experience instead.  Or, it can help us to recognize that a particular geographical location helps us feel better just by being there.  The first step to being empowered to make the best choice for ourselves, therefore, is to become more consciously aware, so we can then take action accordingly.

I sincerely hope you found this article helpful.  Please leave a comment, as I’d love to hear about your experience regarding adaptation.  Does it ring any bells?  What has your experience been with your amazing adaptive abilities, both beneficial and not so beneficial?  And what did you find that helped with it?

© Judy Garrido/Innately Resourceful LLC

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I really liked this article. Your points all rang a bell with me. The pain signals in my body that I had adapted to- all changed when I began working with clearing my own energy and then more was discovered from there.
What is also noticeable in a HUGE way is being sensitive to the energies in my environment and where I reside. There is a particular distance so many miles outside of the city I live in currently, that I feel an energetic "curtain" of weight lift off my body and I feel instantly lighter. I can even breathe better without the burden of the congested energy of all those other people. That demonstrates to me that my body was feeling so much stress. That is why weekend trips do me so good! Great article!



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