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Tips for Accomplishing Your New Year's Resolution

According to Forbes, only about 8% of those who started to focus on their new year's resolution after the 1st of the year, actually follow through to the point of achieving it.   If you've experienced a lack of follow through with your new year's resolution, consider these tips to finally achieve it this coming year:

1.  Consider hiring a coach.  Working with a coach is probably one of the best investments you can make.  Why?  The important aspects about working with a coach is that they keep you on track.  Secondly, they keep you accountable, while helping you to create actionable steps that gradually help you to work your way towards your intent/goal.  Not to mention, a coach is there when you are plagued by doubt, to help you move through it, while also celebrating your successes.  More often than not, coaches also come from a place of experience, so they’re in a unique position to help you with some of the stumbling blocks along the way.  I personally didn’t recognize the value in this until I did it myself 15 years ago, and began working privately in learning energy medicine.  It changed my life in ways I could not have even imagined, and what I learned and discovered was priceless.  Today, there are coaches available for almost any goal you want to achieve.

2.  Join a group.  Whether your goal is to get slim, or finally write that book you’ve been wanting to write, find a group that will help support you in that endeavor.  Not only do groups often give you some structure in your follow through plan, it also helps you with accountability, while providing you with a great support system to make it happen.  Find one that works for you and your goal.

3.  At the very least, create a buddy system.  Find a family member or a friend that would like to accomplish the same intent/goal as you, and together, create actionable steps each week and month that you can do together.  Set a goal, but recognize that to get from point A to point B requires steps.  Spell those steps out and create incremental goals along the way.  Before you know it, you’ve reached your goal.

4.  If you’re one of those people who are confident with follow through on your own, then choose your ultimate goal.  Then break that up into incremental goals that works towards your ultimate goal.  For example, if like many, your intent/goal is weight loss, then choose your ideal.  I find, when working with weight management, that women tend to do better when focusing on dress sizes vs. how many lbs., as their goal.  So, if it’s a dress size you’re working towards, let’s say you’d like to get to a size 6 or 8, and are currently a 12 or 14, create those incremental goals of reaching 10 first, then 8, and finally 6.  Then create your plan of action on how you’re going to get from 12 to 10, or 14 to 12.  It’s important that YOU recognize that you ARE accomplishing, even if you haven’t quite made it to your ultimate goal yet.

5.  Accomplishing a goal works better in the long term when you make a lifestyle change vs. short term changes.  Using the weight loss goal as an example, create a lifestyle that supports that goal.  Diets often don’t work for this reason.  People view this as a temporary solution.  Once they’ve reached their goals, they return to their previous patterns.  If the original patterns worked, there would be no weight loss goal to begin with.  That’s why lifestyle changes work better and help you to maintain your goal in the long term. 

6.  Engage your mind.  Don’t just make changes in your activities.  Be willing to engage your mind as well.  Whether we realize it or not, all changes begin with the mind, that then manifests as outward activity.   This can then help you to maintain your focus and get past any doubt that may rear its head.  Suggestions for engaging your mind are:

a.  Affirmations:  Choose an affirmation that aligns with your goal.  Create about 20 minutes of quiet time ever day, and internally repeat your affirmation until you “feel” it to be true.  Until you make it a reality.

b.  Meditation or Guided Imagery:  Find a meditation or guided imagery that helps you towards your goal, and do this daily.  The outside world often doesn’t function in a way that supports our intent, so doing these exercises daily helps us to re-affirm, and refocus, what we intend.  We are basically replacing one mental pattern with a new one; one that supports our intent.  Eventually, the old mental pattern will be replaced.

c.  Sit quietly and ask yourself “why” you got where you are.  What feelings are behind your current challenge that you’re seeking to change?  Sometimes, working with someone who is in a more objective position, can help you to discover what your core motivations are, so you can address them.  Again, using weight loss as an example, the weight gain is not the problem, it is symptomatic of underlying issues that just happened to manifest as weight gain.  Discovering what those underlying issues are regarding your goal will go a long way in helping you to address them and not repeat them, more effectively breaking a potential cycle.

7.  Engage your energy.  Learn ways to engage your energetic system.  Whether you realize it or not, the more energy you have, the more motivated you will feel.  Energy levels, along with their frequency, has a lot to do with how we feel and think.  When our energy is low, we tend to feel pessimistic, doubtful, apathetic, lethargic, and more.  This then undermines our intent to take better care of ourselves, or to follow through.   My clients have always been amazed at how transforming their energy completely transforms their motivation level as well.

8.  Finally, and possibly the most important, be patient and kind to you.  Whatever your goal is for the new year, allow your goal to manifest at the pace that is correct for you.  Your goal is not about what others think or do, it’s about you choosing to create change in your life.  Don’t “compare” your progress with that of others.  We all have unique personal histories that are likely motivating our current challenges.  So, be kind and allow that change to unfold at a pace that is correct for you.

Here are some New Years Resolution Statistics if you’re interested:


I sincerely hope you find these tips for your new year’s resolution helpful.  Feel free to leave a comment regarding this article, share your goal for the new year, or additional tips that you found helpful.

Wishing you success in the new year….

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