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5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Energy

Originally posted on 6/1/2017

Whether we are aware of it or not, our bodies (yes, plural) require energy to function.  The more energy we have, the better the body can do what it does best.... repair and correct itself.

Here are 5 natural and easy things you can do to help boost your own energy.

1.  Go swimming.  A natural setting like a beach, lake, or river would be great.  But , if all you have is a pool, that’s great too.  Water has a natural attribute.  It naturally blocks magnetic signals.  What this translates to at the level of the body is that the body finally gets a peaceful space from all the signals.  Since energy is not being expended to block those energies, it can be redirected toward health and healing.

2.  Go to the beach:  Because the ocean naturally contains salt, and often the air there too, this can really help to cleanse our body energetically, as salt has the natural attribute of absorbing negative energy. 

3.  Waterfalls:  waterfalls have an abundance of negative ions that the body uses to function optimally.  Get in, or even sit by, a waterfall to get the benefits of these negative ions.

4.  Create a Space:  Make it a gift to yourself that if you live in a highly populated area, take a day or two to get away and spend time in nature.  Highly populated areas have a concentration of collective energies and telepathies that your body has to work to block.  And it has to do this 24/7.  The higher and/or denser the population, the more energy used toward blocking this and not towards other things.

5.  Be among the trees.  Evergreens have almost an identical frequency of energy as the human body.  Sit or stand with your back up against the tree to get a boost.  Just be sure to leave some natural tobacco as a thank you offering and to thank the tree for helping you.

These are but a few simple ways to naturally boost your energy that will then boost your health and how you feel.  I sincerely hope you find this helpful.  Please leave us a comment about your experience with the above suggestions.


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