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5 Ways to Energetically Revitalize Your Living Spaces

Originally posted on 5/7/2017

1.  Clear the Clutter

Whether we realize it or not, clutter in our living spaces is equivalent to blocked energy in the body.  It creates stagnant energy where the clutter exists, since those spaces don't see any activity.  Our living spaces can be seen as a metaphor for the energy in our body's, when the energy gets stuck or stagnant, it creates discomfort, feeling heavier or thick, and more.  In our homes it creates the same thing energetically.  So, it actually does help to finally clear that clutter away, clean, and revitalize the space.  Not only will you feel better because you finally took care of that pile of stuff, but you'll notice a difference in your living space and in your energy as well.

2.  Let Go of the Old

I am a fan of tiny houses, that is becoming quite a trend within the past several years.  I just love the simplicity of it all.  People downsizing and learning to live with only what they need.  Both in living space and what that living space can hold.  To do that though, they had to let go of all they accumulated.  Whether we realize it or not, all the "things" we've accumulated, are like energetic baggage.  Just ask someone who has had to downsize their life, or decided to return to a simpler life.  They'll all tell you that they felt freer and less encumbered after doing so.  But, for most of us, we tend to hold onto the old.  Even those things that we haven't used in years.  Women, for example, like to hold onto those clothes that don't fit any longer, in hopes that one day they'll fit again (been there, done that).  But, the funny thing about that is that when a woman does finally slim again, it's actually more exciting and rewarding to buy new clothes.  Yet, we hold onto things like this, in hopes that one day we'll use it.  Next thing you know, your garage is full, or the attic, or your home.

When I relocated to Arizona over a decade ago, I only had my sedan to fill.  It never occurred to me to tow a U-Haul trailer.  So, I decided that for every room in my apartment (4 rooms total), I would allow 1 empty copy paper box per room.  That's it.  Well, except for my clothes.  If it didn't fit in the trunk or the back seat, it wasn't coming with me.  I gave away and sold a whooole lot.  But, it was the best feeling in the world to have only what I needed.

Holding onto the old is like a metaphor for our energy.  Yet, when we are willing to finally let go of the old, we find ourselves with more energy and feeling better.  There is a saying, as well, that if your hands are closed because you're still holding onto the old, you won't be able to receive the new, because your hands are already occupied.

Some people have accumulated so much that just the thought of getting rid of things they haven't used in a long while seems overwhelming.  Just pick one project at a time.  Don't look at all of it......just one portion.  Then make a decision to let it go.  And when you're ready, move onto the next one.  Before you know it, not only will your space feel better, but you'll feel better because you are less encumbered with old stuff.

Additionally, inanimate objects hold energy.  The more an object is surrounded by the same energy, the more it will basically have that energy embedded in it - -  especially, objects like jewelry, watches, and anything that is worn on the body.  But, items will hold the energy of what you were going through while you wore it.  The same is true of furniture.  People who are empathic or sensitive to energy are less likely to be into antiques, since antiques, although they can be very beautiful in their workmanship, hold the energy of those who owned it.  If it was a happy household, great.  If it wasn't, however, that energy will be what you bring into your home.  The same holds true of our own furniture and items.  That's why, sometimes, if you've been through a very rough period in your life, it may help to let go of the old energy and bring in something new.

3.  Move the Furniture

Whether we realize it or not, our homes are like metaphors of our own energy.  When our energy is stagnant, stuck, or bogged up due to repetitive patterns, it can easily cause discomfort that will be felt by the body.  The key here being "patterns."  The more we repeat certain actions or thoughts in the same way, day in and day out, we create a pattern.  This pattern then begins to play itself out automatically, like a recording.

In our homes, the same is true.  When the furniture has been in the same place for years, we've created energetic patterns.  These patterns then begin to create recordings and the energy gets stagnant.  Although sometimes this can create an uplifting pattern, like when someone decides to create a particular space in their home for meditation or prayer, and uses that one space every day.  This creates an uplifting pattern in that space.  However, most people don't do that.

Revitalizing the energy in your living spaces can be helped by periodically rearranging the furniture.  This then transforms the stagnant patterns within that space.  This includes the bedroom.  If your head is always facing the same cardinal direction in the room, change it around.  You may actually find that you sleep better when facing in a certain direction while sleeping.

If you've got a lot of furniture, crowding your living spaces, you may also feel to consider reducing the crowded feeling by removing some pieces and opening up the space.  It'll also be a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning.  Cleaning under the furniture that you don't easily have access to.

Moving and or clearing furniture will revitalize the energy of your living spaces and again, not only will your home feel better, so will you.

4.  Add Color

Although it's become cliché' at this point to say that everything is energy, everything actually is, and that includes color.  Whether we realize it or not, the colors that are found within the spectrum of light, all have what is called a radiation value, and it is found within the electromagnetic spectrum of what our eyes can witness.  Although, what we can actually see with our eyes within that spectrum is quite small.  Regardless, each color can be measured within the spectrum of light as a wavelength.  Therefore, when we see color, we're actually seeing wavelengths of energy.  And as any color therapist will tell you, color definitely effects our overall mood.

Although I'm including an article about color and how it can affect your mood, it's ultimately up to you what feels correct.  However, it'll give you some ideas about color and your home.

Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood

You can easily revitalize your living space with the best color to suit what kind of ambiance you're trying to create.  The word ambiance actually means the overall feel of a space.  And if you find that re-painting is just not in the game plan at the moment, you can also add color to an existing room.  Vibrant colors tend to be more animated, while soft colors tend to feel gentler and often more soothing.  So, whether it's colorful vases, lampshades, throw pillows or blankets, or even window treatments, there's always a way to add color and vibrancy to a room.

There's also the lighting your use in your home.  Here in southwest, we're fortunate to have many sunny days throughout the year.  So, it's easy for south-westerner's to often feel better.  However, when the sun goes down, it then becomes your decision what kind of light you use in your home.  Whether it's a soft white, bright white, or a full spectrum bulb, they all emit those wavelengths of energy that we take in that also affect how we feel.  And with LED lights becoming so popular these days, there's that specific blue light wavelength that they emit that can affect melatonin levels in our brain.  Full spectrum lights are always best for us because they mimic the sun's light and hence the full spectrum of wavelengths that can boost how we feel.

Consider giving the rooms in your home a color makeover that in the long run can make a difference in how you feel.  Create spaces that nurture you and make you feel good being in those spaces.  And if you share a home with others, try to create a space that is just for you.  I call my space in my home, my place of Zen.

Ultimately, be creative and have fun with it!

5.  Add Life

Consider bringing plants into your living spaces, as this brings life and energy into your living spaces that help boost how you feel when in them.  Not only that, but many household plants also naturally filter the air for us in addition to creating oxygen.  Some are even great for reducing mold spores if they are present in our homes.  Here are a couple of articles to help you consider how amazingly helpful our plant friends can be when we bring them into our homes.

15 Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Type of Houseplants to Clean Indoor Air

The additional aspect of having plants in our living spaces is that plants are very aware and sensitive to their environment.  They feel the energy of anything in the room, not just the air quality.  So, they can often be similar to the canary in the mine shaft.  How they're doing, assuming you're watering them, will actually tell us what the energy is like in our space, and this includes both the seen and unseen.

For decades, researchers have been aware that plants are very aware of everything and have a measurable response to being cut or injured in any way.  This also includes trees, that we can also bring into our homes to be a part of our family.  And both plants and trees do communicate with one another.  It is scientifically known, for example, that if a tree in a forest gets attacked by something (like tree beetles that we have in Arizona), that tree will change its chemistry to fight the invading source.  Once one tree does this, every other tree around that original tree will begin to do the same, even though they're not being attacked.  Although science cannot explain HOW this happens, they are very aware that it does.

Earthships, for example, are homes built using recycled items, and often built partially into the earth to make use of the earth's constant temperature.  And what many earthship have, is a whole room dedicated to edible plants and trees that are watered with the reclaimed and filtered grey water from the home.   It's a concept I love, and there's no reason you can't grow food in your homes if you feel to.  Urban farming, where people grow food in their homes, has an entire following of it's own.

So, adding plants and trees to our homes can be highly beneficial in so many ways.  Ultimately, they bring life and energy into our living spaces, and maybe even some food if we go that route.  They truly are our friends and are a wonderful addition to any family, whether it's large family, a couple, or even just a family of one.

I hope you've enjoyed the tips on energetically revitalizing your living spaces.  I'd love to hear from you regarding your experiences with any of the tips I've offered. 

© Judy Garrido/Innately Resourceful LLC

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