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The Trajectory of Possibility

Originally posted 6/20/2017

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force - that thoughts rule the world." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m continually fascinated with “possibility.” More so, because I’ve not only experienced many interesting things in my life, but I’ve also witnessed others experience them as well. You could say that I am a lifelong student of “possibility."
Years ago, I had a young woman call me in a state of distress. She was afraid she was being stalked by a young man. She was frightened to the point where she actually asked me if she should move, including moving her mom who was sick and she was caring for at home. I asked her many questions to first rule out any physical danger, and nothing indicated to me that this was the case. Therefore, I realized that, although the young man came on strong enough to frighten her, the problem wasn’t the young man so much as it was her fear. I then asked her if she had any spiritual practices. She told me that she used to be very active with the teachings of Yogananda. Being familiar with his teachings, I then suggested to her that she do a specific meditation each day, and that I’d follow up in a week. When I called her the following week, she began to conversation with, “Judy, you won’t believe what happened.” I laughed because I often hear this. She then tells me that 2 days before our call, she had gone to a coffee shop to get a coffee and that young man was there. Although feeling a bit uncomfortable, she still stayed to get her coffee. The young man then comes over to speak to her. He tells her that he wanted to apologize for his behavior the week before and that he wanted to say goodbye because he was leaving to return to his native country.
In my book, for a situation to go from being frightened because of a person’s behavior, to that person apologizing and leaving the country, is nothing short of miraculous to me. This young woman literally changed the trajectory of possibility by focusing on changing herself on the inside.
Then again, several years ago, I was doing a hypnosis session with a colleague who said to me that she recognized that she had a habit of always thinking negatively and expecting the worse. She went on to explain that no one at work respected her, not even her boss, and that he never trusted her to give her projects to oversee. She also mentioned that she’d get irritated with friends if they had made plans to go out and they’d show up late. She would assume they didn’t care. I spent some time speaking to her about trusting life and then did a hypnosis session with her. A week later, we did a follow up call, where she proceeds to tell me that since that session, her entire life completely changed. She started getting calls from people she hadn’t spoken to in a long while, and at work things really changed. She noticed that people were treating her with respect, including her boss, who suggested she oversee an upcoming project. She then says to me, “in the moment my boss was speaking to me, I realized that it was all a reflection of my own thoughts.” Wow, that’s a very profound experience to have. It’s one thing to recognize this as a concept, it’s another to actually experience it with full awareness. She went on to create some great things in her life. Like the young woman in the previous story, she also changed the trajectory of possibility, but she did it from inside her own consciousness.
There is also an interesting story that Dr. Dean Radin told in an interview on Coast to Coast A.M., regarding his book, Supernormal. As a researcher at the Institute for Noetic Science, he was researching people who have meditated daily for 20 to 30 years. He asked his most experienced meditator to move a laser beam in another room that he couldn’t see. They recorded the session by video and audio. He was then asked to begin. At about just under 15 minutes, 3 things happened simultaneously. One, the laser moved. Two, the video/audio technicians experienced a moment of slight disorientation. Three, Dean himself experienced a moment of slight disorientation while in a separate room monitoring the session. At first, he ignored what he experienced until he asked the meditator what he did. The meditator said that, at first, he wasn’t sure how to move the laser. Then he realized that everything outside of him is a reflection of what is within him. He then moved deep within himself to find the laser, and moved it. It took him about 15 minutes before he realized how to do it.

I am continually reminded through my own experiences and that of my clients that although our journey appears to be an outer one (albeit a very convincing one), it’s really an inner journey. Or, more specifically, the outer appearance of our journey is a reflection of our inner journey.
None of these stories are new to my clients, but I felt to present them once again as a reminder that our inner reality and what we hold within our own consciousness is more important than we give credit to. That when we transform our consciousness, in whatever way works, we literally transform not only our reality, but the trajectory of possibility.
I hope you’ll consider these stories and find ways that help you to fill your consciousness with the outcome or reality that you prefer, so you can transform the trajectory of the possibilities of your life. If anything, make it a fun experiment and see what you’re capable of.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences with inner transformation and how this changed life on the outside.


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