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The Number 1 Way We Lose Energy

Originally posted: 8/14/2017

One of the many reasons I teach people about energy healing, and why it’s so important, is because l too had to go through my own learning curve in truly discovering and recognizing the many subtleties of energy, and how it affects me.  Then, I discovered through working with others, that the same holds true for everyone else.

When it comes to doing energy healing as self-care, I came to recognize that there are 3 ways we experience energy (I actually cover this in more detail in the “The Ways We Experience Energy – With Special Focus on Our Own Energy” webinar.)  And they are:
External Energies – This can be environmental, from a distance, projections, or the unseen.
The Here and Now – This is in your immediate environment and could be the location, a person near you, or some “thing” in the unseen (e.g. the spirit of a person who has deceased and passed).  Whatever the source, it's happening here and now.
Your Own Energy – This can be the energy of your body, it could be past recordings, you are “perceiving” energy (e.g. you are receiving like a radio), or due to your attention (where your thoughts are directing your energy).
This biggest challenge with these 3 different ways we can experience energy is that, at the level of sensation (that is where we notice the energies' affect), they all can produce the same experiences.  Because, our body’s (yes, there’s more than one) are continuously interpreting energy 24/7.  WE become aware of the energy when something feels different.  Although, every person I have ever worked with did not realize that what they were experiencing was energetic in nature. 

The body’s way of interpreting energy is through feelings.  We “feel” the energy in many ways.  Some examples are:  pain, soreness, nervous energy that can feel like anxiousness in our solar plexus, excessive mental noise, foggy headed, fuzzy vision, sadness, lethargy, apathy, bloating, headaches, sinus pressure, and many more.  As you can see, these are all pretty common experiences, and that’s why people just assume that it’s something else, when it’s actually energetically based.

With the 3rd way we experience energy, it’s of our own doing (or lack of doing).  So, the responsibility for what we are experiencing falls directly on our own shoulders because WE are directing our energy (or not, in the case of stagnant energy).

So, what does this all have to do with “losing” energy?

One of fundamental basics of energy healing is about our energy levels.  The less energy we have, the less likely we are to heal or feel well.  The more energy we have, the better we feel and our body works better.

Therefore, one of the ways that we can either keep our energy higher or maintain a higher level, is to “conserve” our energy.  We actually use, or lose, a lot of energy every day.  And the number one way we do this is through excessive internal dialogue.  Non-stop thinking.  Thoughts not only expend energy, but they direct our energy as well, that can also potentially bring other factors into our experience energetically.

Taking control back of our thoughts is the number one way to conserve energy.  And there are different ways to do this, so I’ll give you some ideas here to help you get started.

Meditation:  This can be a guided mediation, sitting in silence, prayer, focusing on an object, using a mantra like “Om,” or simply fully immerse yourself in your breathing.

Learn energy clearing techniques:  Until you’ve actually learned how to clear your energy, you won’t recognize how this can literally stop a lot of internal dialogue.

Affirmations:  Choose one wisely and create a space of 20 undisturbed minutes.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and repeat the affirmations non-stop, until you “feel” it is true.

Reduce the use of technology:  If you want to experience more inner silence, you truly have to “disconnect” for a while.  No TV, no internet, no social media, no phone, no radio………nothing. 

Do something physical:  Find physical activities that you enjoy doing and immerse yourself in it while doing it.  Try not to be mentally elsewhere and fully immerse yourself in what you’re doing. 

Redirect your attention:  Numbers 1, 3, and 5 are examples.  The man who trained me in energy medicine, would semi-joke and say that if you can’t get your thoughts to stop, go out to the gravel driveway and start counting the stones.  In other words, do whatever it takes.

Be Here Now:  Instead of thinking about later today, tomorrow, next week, your “to do” list, another person, etc., practice cultivating being fully present in the moment, no matter what you’re doing.

The above are just some ideas to help you cultivate the practice of “conserving” your energy, instead of losing it because you’re using so much of it. 

The added bonus to this, at the physiological level, is that your body will begin to move OUT of the stress response and begin healing.  As Robert Sapolsky, who studied the stress response for 30 years, said, “For humans, we turn on the stress response for purely “psychological states,” thinking about things.  And so we’re doing it for non-physiological reasons, and we’re doing it non-stop.”

If you're stressing, your body is not doing any repair work -- it's not healing.  It's that simple.

I sincerely hope you found this article helpful and will put at least one of the suggestions to use, so you can begin conserving your energy instead of losing it.

Feel free to comment on this article or if this helped you.

Much Peace...


© Judy Garrido/Innately Resourceful LLC

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