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Energy Cleanse Session

Many are familiar with doing a body cleanse to help the body to detox from poor eating habits and potential toxins that can build up over time, causing the body to function less and less optimally.  Yet, they don’t realize that energetically, the same thing happens to our energetic system that supports the organic body.  Our personal history, patterns, lifestyle, mind/emotions, and environment, all effect our energetic system in some way and eventually accumulates until the organic body begins to manifest the discomfort.

The energy cleansing session is intended to not only help you to clear your energy, but to empower you by teaching you effective tools and techniques you can do on your own.  My intent isn’t to fix you, it’s to educate and empower you to recognize that you have the ability to clear your energy whenever you feel to.  Some, however, may need more than one session, or may then decide to commit to a full coaching package for optimal results.

Disclaimer & Terms of Service

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All services are provided by phone/internet (if outside the U.S.) and requires a stereo (both ears) headset for your phone/computer.

What Can an Energy Cleanse Session Help with?

Reducing stress

Releasing emotional upset

Reducing/eliminating physical discomfort

Compliment recovery from surgery or injuries (since the body energetically holds the recording of the trauma)

Help with Digestion issues

Feeling foggy headed

Feeling drained or sluggish

and so much more……..


What are the Benefits?

Clients who have applied this knowledge have reported:

Feeling “lighter” and “clearer”

Feeling more like themselves

A decrease or complete cessation of the internal noise

Physical discomfort is reduced or stops

Their solar plexus feels more peaceful and relaxed

Feeling more centered in their emotions

Eyesight becomes much more focused and brighter

Feeling more mentally lucid and present

Experiencing an increase in their energy

Feel more motivated

and more….


The knowledge and techniques are simple and easy to implement, and applied specific to your needs and personal history.


What Client's Have Said..

"Everyone should become aware of what they are allowing themselves to take in (as energy experiences, both positive and negative), and to personally develop their own strength through positive energy practices.  Transforming my energy has changed my day to day life, I feel more of my self. renewed hope and overall mental balance." - R.K. (NV)


Your Commitment...

An Energy Cleanse Session is a 1 hour coaching session, that will not only leave you feeling better, but will give you the techniques so you can continue to utilize them on your own, as often as you feel to.


Ready to take the first step?

Please visit the contact page to request a free phone consultation, and together we’ll determine if this is the best fit for you, while providing you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and schedule your session.

Coaching fee for this session is $150.