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Welcome to our E-Learning opportunities!

Online E-Learning provides you with highly informative and engaging content you can access, in the form of streaming video and/or audio content and more, so you can discover and experience transformative skills and techniques.  They are intended to educate, while giving you the empowering opportunity to actively engage your innate resources of mind, body, and spirit, through techniques and/or guided imagery.  This then presents you with the opportunity to stimulate positive change with each class or series.

It's your opportunity to discover something new and learn new techniques....at YOUR availability.  Whether you're at home or elsewhere, you can access the content from your computer or any mobile device, and revisit the content and techniques as often as you'd like for the duration of the purchase.  That's transformation at your fingertips!

Although the knowledge contained in our E-Learning classes and series is not necessarily new, the techniques you'll learn are unique and proprietary.  Some have been taught for decades, while others have developed over the past 15 years.  As one student said, "You just can't find this anywhere else."

The E-Learning Classes are a good fit for you if:

  • You are self-directed.  We give you sooo many techniques, but like anything else, it's only useful if you use it.  So, you have to consistently apply them in your own life.  Because, the only way to really learn, is through repetition and the subsequent experiences.
  • You're receptive to learning something new.  There are so many energy healing and self help modalities out there today that are great, but we have to be receptive to learning something new, or discovering something may not be what we considered it was.
  • You can sincerely and humbly do the exercises.  I have been telling my students and clients for over a decade that sincerity and humility can move mountains.   We have to be willing to let go of the need to control, and allow the greater part of us to guide our experiences.  That's when real transformation happens.

Please be sure to read the E-Learning Terms of Service, on the Terms of Service page, before purchasing access to E-Learning content.

Please note:  All video streaming is formatted at 720p, for computers, tablets, and smartphones.  To get the most out of these experiential E-Learning classes/series, we HIGHLY recommend using a set of earbuds, or earphones.

All our E-Learning opportunities are available worldwide, except for EU countries and territories.  All services are provided in English only.


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Available E-Learning Opportunities

Single Classes

Single classes provide you with a wonderful introduction to a multitude of topics and techniques.  Not to mention, we always include bonuses!

Bundles, Series, and Multi-part Classes

This is the way to go if you really want to immerse yourself in discovering possibilities, and all the amazing ways you can facilitate transformation on your own.