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Bundles, Series, and Multi-Part Classes

Welcome to our bundles and series! 

For individual class descriptions in a bundle, please visit the single classes page.

Please be sure to read the E-Learning Terms of Service, before choosing any bundles, classes, or series.

Engaging Your Innate Resources - Energetic Cleansing Class

11 Hours  

7 Weeks                                                                                          

15 Bonuses!

"This course has the potential to entirely change your life!" - S. H. (NV)

The first step in your journey to truly discovering YOU, is to increase your conscious awareness of energy and consciousness, and to begin to recognize how your energy gets compromised.  Once compromised, this can effect your moods, perception, body, thoughts, and so much more.   Along the way, you’ll be given transformative tools and techniques that you will apply during class and on your own.

This class is a 7 part series and Approximately 11 hours of instruction!

This Introductory Class Covers:

  • Introduction to Subtle Energy, the Body, and Quantum Theory
  • Introduction to Transformative Breathwork
  • Understanding How We Compromise Our Energy
  • Understanding Inner Transformation
  • 3 additional Classes:  The Different Ways We Experience Energy Class, Spirit Lake:  An Inner Journey, and Agreements Class

Your first class is available immediately upon payment completion.  Then each week, you'll receive access to a class in your email inbox, along with any downloads.  You'll then have 3 days to view the video and to download all the bonus materials.

Includes approximately 20 Exercises and Techniques you'll learn, and the majority of them, you won't learn anywhere else.
Bonus Materials include:  Syllabus (PDF), Class outlines (7 PDF's), student booklet PDF, and 2 - MP3 Album downloads!


6 Class Bundle

This 6 Class Bundle provides you with all the prerequisite classes to prepare you for the Chakra Series, and includes:

  • Introduction to Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Spirit Lake:  An Inner Journey
  • Cutting Energetic Cords
  • Spirit Rescue & Releasement
  • The Grace in Forgiveness
  • And Agreements

See single class page for descriptions of each of these classes.  Includes all bonuses from each class!

21 Days - Every 3 days, you'll receive access to a class, along with downloading the bonus materials, in your email. 

You'll have 3 days to view the video, download the bonus materials, and to practice the techniques, before the next class is sent to your email.

$209 (A $57 Savings and all the bonuses included)

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Series

This 7 class series has 6 prerequisite classes:

  • Introduction to Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Spirit Lake:  An Inner Journey
  • Cutting Energetic Cords
  • Spirit Rescue & Releasement
  • The Grace in Forgiveness
  • And Agreements

The 6 prerequisite classes prepare you with knowledge and techniques that you will then put into action while moving through each of the 7 Major Chakras (Vital Energy Centers) of the body.  The 7 classes will then introduce you to each of the chakras, guide you through a guided meditation to help you clear each one, and then bring them back into balance and a healthy flow of energy.

Every 3 days, you'll receive streaming access to one part of the series in your inbox.  You'll have 3 days to view and do the guided imagery.  Part 7 includes all the downloadable bonuses.


7 Classes!
With approximately 5+ hours of instruction and guided meditations.
21 Days
Bonuses!  A PDF file download, 2 MP3 Download bonuses, and all 7 Chakra Guided Meditations to download.


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The E-Learning Classes are a good fit for you if:

  • You are self-directed.  We give you sooo many techniques, but like anything else, it's only useful if you use it.  So, you have to consistently apply them in your own life.  Because, the only way to really learn, is through repetition and the subsequent experiences.
  • You're receptive to learning something new.  There are so many energy healing and self help modalities out there today that are great, but we have to be receptive to learning something new, or discovering that something may not be what we considered it was.
  • You can sincerely and humbly do the exercises.  I have been telling my students and clients for over a decade that sincerity and humility can move mountains.   We have to be willing to let go of the need to control, and allow the greater part of us to guide our experiences.  That's when real transformation happens.

What Participants Have Said About Our Classes

"This was a great experience. I completed class one through six and had such amazing results. At that point I really was reluctant to begin the chakra series, thinking it wouldn't be as transformational as the first six classes. Well, I was wrong. The chakra series was as amazing and transformational as the first six classes. I feel different; quieter in my mind, a better listener, more accepting of myself, more at peace. Thank you!" - S.M (AZ)

"Doing this (Chakra) series helped me to relax deeper and deeper each occasion, allowing me to access the information easily in Judy's caring skilled hands. The building in each class is what really makes this series so powerful. Learning the preliminary skills required for this series only enhances what you can accomplish. I feel amazing and very confident after completing this series." - J.S. (NV)

"When I use these teachings (Energetic Cleansing Class) I experience positive impact in my life and when I do not I definitely see and feel the difference." - A.V. (AZ)